7 Reasons Why You Should Try Pro-Am Ballroom Dancing

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April 27, 2020
Diving into an art form is an immersive experience that can hardly be compared to anything else. Touching art, and creating it has so many benefits that we will need a lifetime to pinpoint them all.

Diving into an art form is an immersive experience that can hardly be compared to anything else. Touching art, but more so, creating it has so many benefits that we will need a lifetime to pinpoint them all. Do what makes you happy and do it with love!

7 Reasons Why you Should do Pro-AM

To Move and Have FUN

The one thing in life we are all proficient in is movement. We practice it every day. Crawling out of bed, brushing your teeth, open the door- it preoccupies our daily lives. Those are all movements. Most of them don't give us any particular feeling or satisfaction.

A movement to music, however, is the sacred ritual that gifts us unrivaled pleasure, makes us smile and feel something that very often we cannot put into words. Dancing can fill your heart with joy and desire the move every cell of your bodies to the rhythmic pulses of different styles of music. To do all of that with a professional partner brings experience and fun to a whole new level.

Learn to express yourself and create art

Atanas and his Pro-Am student Deanna at Aria's showcase  | Atanas Malamov | Professional Ballroom Dancer Seattle, Washington (Copy)

Expressing oneself is not always so straightforward. For many, showing emotion and speaking about it does not come naturally and requires a little outside help. Ballroom dancing can become that little push that inspires you to express through beautiful gestures, movements, shapes, and forms.

With the guidance of a professional teacher, your body language can narrate the relationship within yourself and within the couple to create visual, heightened representations of emotions in a moving art form. The beauty of it- it can never be replicated; it is always pure, unique, and sincere.

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Challenge yourself to develop new skills

To be quite frank, ballroom dancing is challenging. It requires a lot of different skills such as partnering, precision, listening to music, and coordination of them to achieve efficiency, beauty, and to finally become one with the music.

But hey, life is about learning new things- don't run away from it, embrace the challenge! That is the only way to growth, happiness, and self- fulfillment. Once we stop learning, something in us starts to die slowly. With the help of your experienced Pro teacher, you can acquire those skills much faster and reach satisfaction from your performance.  Go out there, challenge yourself, come back stronger, wiser, and better dancer.

Good for the body, good for the brain


The complexity of Ballroom Dancing makes it the perfect all-inclusive workout! While mastering the Cuban motion in Rumba, for example, you employ every cell of your brain to direct your body in the correct way to produce the desired outcome of a brilliant circular action using the hips. Adding the arms in the mix makes our job even more difficult. But what is more interesting than coordinating your own body to the ever beautiful rhythms of the ballroom music.? Not to mention that doing rounds in preparation for a competition, you can even shed some pounds.

Overcome difficulties

We all can agree on this-life is not always a bed of roses.  We deal with difficulties and stress every single day. Overcoming them is the goal, and dancing can be a great way to tackle those challenges swiftly and enjoyably. Also, Ballroom Dancing is a team sport, having a professional teacher/ partner by your side to guide you through the maze is a pretty unique advantage. It makes the learning process easy and worthwhile.

Travel to cool new places and meet exciting people

Travel around the world while ballroom dancing.jpg

OH! This one is my personal favorite! Pro-AM dancing can take you on a journey you have never expected. Competing in different cities and states, even internationally, will put you among the best ballroom dancers and inspire you to keep pursuing your dreams. What can be more fun than traveling to a beautiful city, dance your heart out in stunning ballrooms under the tunes of fascinating music, and meet amazing people along the way. Yeah, I know. It doesn't get much better. Maybe throw in a party on your trip? No problem, most competitions have that box checked too, if not- create your own!

Dress up

Our package would not be full if we don't dig into fashion. Dressing up is one of the most common reasons why people start Ballroom Dancing- the ladies love putting on a shimmery evening gown to swing their hips in. And for us- the gentlemen- dressing to impress the sensual part of the universe is quite an incentive. Black slacks, white shirts, dinner jackets, rhinestones, evening gowns, skimpy Latin outfits- we have it all! Choose your vibe and rock it.

Wrapping it up

Ballroom dancing is a unique form of dance. It incorporates many different aspects of life and requires precision, dedication, and expert eye to guide you in the process. A professional teacher can provide all of those, leaving behind the need to look for a partner and rely on someone else. It is not easy to reach excellence, but when did you achieve something worthwhile easily? Exactly! Dive in and reap all the benefits Pro-Am Ballroom Dancing has to offer. I will see you on the dance floor.

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