Fulfillment and Delivery

If you just ordered our awesome merchandise, be patient, it might take a little while, but we promise it is worth it. Once you place an order, our fulfillment center prepares your goodness. Once the product is complete, and quality control is passed, it is one step closer to you. Then it heads for the shipping department, where it would be dispatched to you. Don't worry, we will let you know when to expect your stuff. Below are estimates on when you can expect to start showing off your cool new merch.

Fulfillment + Shipping= Estimated Delivery

Fulfillment: It takes 2–7 business days to create apparel products and 2–5 business days for non-apparel products.

Shipping: Our average shipping time is 4 business days depending on the order's destination.

Shipping to the US: 2-5 Days

Shipping to Canada: 6-10 Days

Shipping to Australia: 2-14 Days

Shipping to Europe: 2-10 Days

If the region you wish to ship to is not listed, please contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Enjoy your goodies!

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