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Hey there, It's nice that you are finally here.
If you want to talk dance, work together, or play phone tag, Get on with it, I'm looking forward to sharing my dance knowledge with you.

i might be traveling to a competition close to you. Make sure you stop by and say hi.

Interested in Ballroom Dance?
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Dance is movement to music. Learning how to produce intricate movement patterns to the rhythmic pulses of the music gives great pleasure to the performer and the audience. If you are ready to jump ‘n’ jive shoot me a text and we can get started.
Looking for a Coach?
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My truest passion- teaching competitive couples and pro-am ballroom dancing. I specialize mainly in the American Smooth, Ballroom, and International Latin styles of Ballroom Dance; and work with many kids and couples to prepare them for National Championships and Syllabus exams.
Thinking it is too late to start dancing?
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Have you always wanted to learn Ballroom Dance, but the lack of a partner was holding you back? Perhaps you thought it was too late? Pro-Am Ballroom dancing might be just for you. Interested in learning more? Reach out, and we can discuss your dance future.
Business inquiry about teaching, judging or lecturing.
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Anything Ballroom Dance related- you can count on me. Feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help you on your dance journey.

Don’t be shy, tell me a little about yourself and let's get this ball rolling. It only takes about two minutes, one if you’re a super fast typer.

Thank you! I'm practicing your favorite dance. When I get better, I will drop you a line.
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