The Perfect Ballroom Dance Frame Ebook

The Perfect
Ballroom Dance Frame

Hi there! I'm Atanas. Over the years, I've struggled a lot with my ballroom frame until I didn't. I found an approach that worked great for me, and I am excited to share it with you!

This 33 page eBook will empower your Ballroom Dance Journey and provide you with a step by step approach to a complicated topic- The Ballroom Dance Frame. Learn how to produce an effortless and fiery top line while maintaining efficiency through a series of illustrations and in-depth explanations.

My goal is to build confidence in your skills

A structured approach is the only way to create long lasting changes.


Understanding the basic principles of how the body is structured and how it is supposed to work is the prerequisite in gaining full control of it.


The required coordination for Ballroom Dance can be challenging. Our Step by step approach will break down the process and build your confidence.


Because I've struggled to build a beautiful and effortless frame myself, I know how much enjoying it means and want to share it with you.

The skills you will acquire

Understanding Postural Principles
Personal Set Up
Couple's Connection
Bonus Exercise
The Perfect Ballroom Dance Frame  Ebook Cover
An eBook that can be with you everywhere you go.

The Approach


Step by Step

Applying a Step by Step approach promises a thorough comprehension of a complex subject.



The book is based on understanding the principles of Biomechanics and Anatomy.


Easy to Apply

Visualization Tips and Notes help you achieve the desired results.


Never Forget

The Bonus checklist will provide a summary of the whole process, making it easy to follow through.


Our clients feedback is important for us

“This book is exactly the final answer for my longtime struggle to improve frame and positions😍Incorporating body and muscle science, this book explicitly and reader friendlily explains what, why and how we can improve!!! Thank you Atanas Malamov!!!” — ETSUKO NISHIYAMA

“My Sensei, Atanas Malamov, your energy focus is so strong and amazing in this trying time. Thank you for leading us, students. by example. This awesome step-by-step guide is concise, handy, and fun to read/watch through many pictures. With this guide, I feel I can take one step closer to achieving a not perfect, but much better frame, and keep on practicing towards my goal.”— Rumi Okuma

“Atanas has given tremendous thought and caring as he shares how to systemically achieve the perfect ballroom dance frame with incredible detail. This awesome guide is easy to understand and to execute the steps. Any questions you have will be answered in a variety of learning styles and is all in one place. Thank you, Atanas!”- Lynn Wheeler

“The quality of this guide is outstanding. I will definitely be interested in more guides!”

Hi There, I'm Atanas

I live and breathe Ballroom Dance.

And love geeking out on the technique aspect of it!

I am 29. My profession - well, ballroom dance. Currently in Seattle, but who knows. I like cycling, scuba diving, building stuff, listening to music and spend quality time with family and friends. Oh, I also love writing blogs about Ballroom dance and my dog.

About Me
Atanas Malamov- Author of The Perfect Ballroom Dance Frame
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